Free. Writing.

20 01 2012

Word balloon carrying a tune that isn’t quite distinguishable to the ears like a dog gone wild in a forest of forgotten dreams like a bad movie come to life with unedited scenes a disappointing fart almost silent not close to deadly unlike breakups and too many bottles of booze mixing the two is a toxic combination a reiteration of self destruction unlike any other people do what’s the matter with you have you no soul no control no ability to make it on your own quit talking to me can’t you see you’re making me bleed internally so not really just dramatically with words which is just as bad if you ask me celebrate time alone close to a stereo and music meant for lonely hearts and anxious over-caffeinated trolls with hair sticking up and out never combed they’re just words you say words with meaning without but my life was like a purse you turned inside out spilling everything all over the ground then throwing the purse away contents in disarray no place to go no one to go to no longer a home and how can it be where your heart is when your heart gets squashed along the way when your heart gets thrown away it’s not just sweat to me but proof that I did something bigger than me that I got out there and ran all over you park ground city life mirror shining bright reflections of room never used utilize tenors and bass and high pitch races of minor distractions and major reactions like a drama turned comedy in the bar of some basement travesty a pigeon on the tip of my tongue undone like a board erased there was a time for fun but no longer sunshine fades and the grass grows dead the milkman never comes the tits are dried up wrinkled drooping bags of old silk freckles tickled to death and everyone laughs like it’s some kind of game like life is just one big comedy but what’s the joke supposed to be I don’t smile at your stupidity particularly if you’re on the same road as me particularly when I see what I see which isn’t very pretty not usually the clock ticks forcefully but I just glare and my head starts to pound at the lack of despair at too much to bear at the shear magnitude of nothing nothing not a thing no is there a leash dragging you around collared neck popped collar charmer not like a rapist more like a scholar no need to read books though you’ve made it this far intelligently designed rhymes that turn in your head like meteors flying at the speed of light however fast that is and there is crying when the light turns red because stopping is sort of like being dead and people can’t handle the cycle because there is pain involved and comfort is a charm we hold tight like cacti to the sun so many people flying away never escaping but smiling all the same



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