Working to Get Off.

26 01 2012

My friend recently introduced me to the term procrasturbation. That is, instead of doing what you need to do, homework, cover letters, blog writing etc., you procrastinate by masturbating instead. I guess this is a common practice, which is actually quite relieving. I thought I was just a big pervert who would rather orgasm than deal with reality. Good to know, most people would rather orgasm than deal with reality. Reality can be really rough sometimes. And not rough like pulling hair, biting, clawing rough, but like mundane and full of things we have to do but don’t really care to, like ugh, writing cover letters. The death of writing is a cover letter. I understand their purpose, but it doesn’t make them any easier to write. Maybe I just need to expand my narcissism, perhaps I should practice by writing a cover letter for Art School–the breeding ground for narcissists.

Now, I’m in no way implying that narcissism is the root of all evil on this planet–only that if I could have a little more self-love. There is a healthy narcissism people can have that puts value on confidence, charm, sexiness and power. I’d be okay with that.

Which is why I’m thinking Art School.


More procrasturbation.

Procrasturbation would be cheaper and less waste of my time, thus, it wins.

Yay to whoever invented the “personal massager,” (although if I remember correctly it was a doctor trying to help “hysterical women” there could be some good feminist theory in that somewhere–I’m sure it’s been done.)



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