Pet. Names.

31 01 2012

I do not like to be called baby. I am not someone who needs my diaper changed or to be bottle fed. There is no need to infantilize me. I can take care of myself.

But, what about other nicknames, pet names, “terms of endearment?”

Do we all have certain ones we prefer over others? I’m sure there are some people out there who don’t mind being called “baby,” maybe those people also enjoy having others bathe and clothe them too.

The whole nickname is rather odd to me anyway. Is it supposed to be cute? I guess it’s supposed to show affection? But the thought of a person being called a “pet name” is rather disturbing to me. As if the other person is someone to put a collar on and take for a walk (and unless you’re into S&M this usually isn’t the case).

But many people have actual pets. And many people give their pets ridiculous and/ or cruel names. Why, for example, are so many people naming their animals after greek gods and goddess?

Earlier today while I was at the park a man called his beagle Zeus.



I don’t know. Maybe it’s not so bad.

Perhaps these dog owners are doing the opposite of what lovers do to each other–they’re giving their companions powerful names.

Maybe instead of cupcake or sugarplum or honey or sweetheart we can call each other:










Seems like a better way to go to me.

Please feel free to leave your own favorites in the comments below.



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