5 Random Thoughts: More Dates, Denver v. Boulder and Learning New Languages.

1 02 2012


I really can’t be that wonderful on a date. I wonder if all these guys I’ve gone on dates with recently are really as out of the dating-loop as I am and just don’t notice how bad I am at it. I always end up talking about things they always say not to talk about, politics, exes, religion. And I stare at them with an intense stare, like, “why are you telling me that story right now.” Also, I think the dates take dating much more seriously than me. Like they’re nervous about it. I feel I should be more upfront, within the first 10 minutes perhaps, about what I’m looking for–so they know they shouldn’t be nervous because I don’t want a boyfriend. I just want to have fun. Meet new people. Not take life so seriously. I mean, it does say that on my profile, but many of them just look at the pics (I mean, they’re good pics so I understand.) Also. I told my roommate yesterday, like I tell her pretty much every time before I go meet someone new, that I”m done after this one. But, for the month of February, since it’s my birthday month and all, I’m going to attempt to focus more of that time on me. And not date any one new. (This does not mean I can’t go out with people I’ve already gone out with.)


I’m back to learning Spanish again. It so much sexier than English. I love rolling my rrrrrrr’s. I think I’m better at pronouncing words I’ve never heard before as opposed to words that are similar to English. I’m guessing this is common since reverting to what one knows seems easier than trying to re-prounce an old word in a new way. I want to reward myself in some way, with a trip to South America or Spain or Mexico if I learn it well enough, but that’s still so far in the future I can’t even fathom. Plus, not having a job puts a damper on traveling, though having a job also puts a damper on traveling. Perhaps I should just do it now while I’m unemployed and pay it back later? I’ve met several people recently who have done this very thing and though they raked up plenty of debt at the time, they have already paid it all back. Anyone else unemployed want to jump on the travel wagon with me? I’m thinking Brazil. Or Chili. Or some European back-packing adventure. (Seriously, message me if you’re interested.) 


What I like most about Denver compared to Boulder is that the people here are much more balanced. For example, the other day I saw a woman walking down the street carrying a yoga mat AND a pie. That’s right, she knows what’s up. Exercise but enjoy some pastries too!


Speaking of the Big B, I’m actually going to be there tomorrow AND Friday. And though it is Boulder, I’m actually kind of excited about it. Thursday, it’s gin & gender day. A friend and I are going to tour the gin distillery and drink martinis then go to a radical deconstruction discussion about gender and sex roles, wohoo!  Friday Dr. Dog with another friend, I won tickets so that makes it extra special (and much cheaper). Maybe I’ll even go on a hike (and then follow said hike with beer drinking, because balance is what it’s all about–I learned that after moving out of Boulder to Denver–perhaps I can teach the locals something.)


I’ve been watching Sister Wives. I’d totally be down for that if I could have lovers on the side. But. That’s not how it works. Also–there are way too many children running around. Gross. I don’t know. I mean it obviously points out that in other types of relationship dynamics  there still exists struggles, issues, pain, heart-break, but also love, caring, commitment, loyalty. I personally think that polygamy is too closely tied with the patriarchy and I’m not interested in either of those things, but if other people are into it, then they should be able to multiply their love–not divide it.



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