Secret. Sex. Life.

2 02 2012

This is my new favorite old song:

I re-discovered it while playing M.I.A. radio on pandora. I highly suggest that radio station; it caused me to have a solo sock-hop in my living room for like 3 hours. This very scene is exactly why I need my own reality tv show. It was performance art at its finest. Also, my dating life is totally worth paying a camera-person to follow me around. I could get extra dramatic if need be. Producers?!? Producers!!!! It’s not that I’m a complete narcissist (only partial) it’s just that some of these experiences are way better than fiction. I guess i’ll write a book about it if no one wants to bother filming it.

What is up world? 

Last night at the bar I got to hang out with some amazing women and we talked about all sorts of woman-y things like birth control and periods and relationships. I’ve been thinking about all of those topics quite a bit lately. Mainly, of course, I’ve been working at being single again… I actually haven’t been single single since high school, really. I’ve been a serial monogamist  who eventually toyed with polyamory for a moment, but I have not been single in forever. And I’ve been thinking about what feels the weirdest; what I’ve realized is that I feel like I’m living some secret single life. As if, my life is now a secret and no one has any idea what I’m up to. And this is rather exciting but also very strange. Before there was always someone who knew what I did with my day. Now I can do pretty much whatever I want–I may tell a friend or my mom but most likely no one knows. Just writing about it makes my heart go “weeeeeeee!” with joy. People get snippets of me, and I of them. This is good for re-confirguring who I want to be in this world.

And being off birth control hasn’t felt that different for me so far. The biggest thing is that I want to have sex again. Ha! Yeah, got to love birth control pills that just prevent you from wanting to do it in the first place. I am now a woman on the prowl. But, you wouldn’t know because my single life is a secret.

Unless of course, I get a reality tv show (hint, hint).



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