5 Random (almost positive) Thoughts: Goths, Wheelchairs, Birthdays, Sex.

16 02 2012

(Ok, no sex, I just wanted you to click on it.)


Last night was amazing. People here in Denver are so great. We had a Satan’s Black Hearts Anti-Valentine’s Day party and everyone got into it. We painted our faces and we growled. We  growled like every word we said ALL night long. I want to go back and do it ALL over again! And we sang the shot’s song heavy metal style. It was beautiful. Oh. My. Goth.

1 Year Contracts

This morning over coffee/tea my friend, who crashed here last night (lots of people crashed here last night) and I were talking about relationships. And, we, of course, got into the discussion over polyamory/monogamy etc. and he mentioned how he was reading about this guy who kept having a series of 3-year-long relationships with women. Prior to the relationship even starting he’d always point out that no matter how well they liked/loved each other, no matter how stellar they were together, after 3 years, it would end. When it did, some of the women were upset, most were accepting and knew it was coming. The best part–they always stayed friends after the “break-up.”

Anyway. My friend said that he’d want to do that with someone but only make it a year. So you get to spend every season together. You get to make the most of it because there will be no other spring, winter, fall, summer to be together ever again.

And I LOVE this idea.

A one-year-love-contract.

My roommate said she didn’t understand why it would be necessary, why you couldn’t just be together and see where you ended up. But I think it makes total sense. The imminent end makes the relationship spark and the actual knowing of the end makes it at least slightly easier to handle when it does in fact end.

I am of course aware that this is not as cut and dry and simple as it seems. But I seriously want to give this a try with someone. I am currently taking applications.


What a fantastic cast! I forgot how much I love that movie. Alec Baldwin looks SO much different it freaks me out. I love the surrealism of it. The morbidness is also fascinating. And of course, the clothing. Can’t beat Winona Ryders hats.

Wheelchair Guy

Okay. So. Every day I sit at my computer and I try to write etc. and every day I see this guy in an electric wheelchair zoom by. He is by far my favorite character. Because he doesn’t just zoom by like one time as if he just got off work and is zooming home. He zooms around like zooming is his work. I have several wheelchair guy stories but today may top it. Today he was attempting to zoom but then, he just stopped. In the middle of the alley. And could zoom no longer. At first I couldn’t figure out if he was just letting his wheelchair take a breather or if he was indeed stuck in the alley. So, like any good spy I just sat by the window and stared at him. For like 10 minutes, he just sat there and I just sat there staring at him sitting there. Then this bright yellow VW bug tried to turn into the alley and I realized he was indeed in capable of moving. The bug and the wheelchair guy just stared at each other for like 2o seconds until someone waiting at the bus stop ran over and pushed the wheelchair guy out of the alley way.

He zoomed off.

But then.

He got stuck again! 

Right in the middle of the sidewalk. It was unbelievable. The zooming wheelchair guy was having a terrible terrible day.

Which should be a sign to the Denver street cleaning team that they need to get their shit together. Maybe instead of writing about in the blog I should write them a letter instead.

Perhaps I will.

But I seriously couldn’t help but find the whole scene delightfully and disturbingly entertaining. I truly hope he also has a pretty good sense of humor because though that would be incredibly frustrating and if it happened to me like that I would probably want to kill myself he seems to still power-through every day, he gets out and he deals with it and that’s fucking awesome. He gets out way more than I do. I should probably learn a lesson from him.

I do hope that we in fact one day meet and converse.


That is how old I am turning. Yes, it is basically my birthday. And it’s weird and I don’t know really what to think about it. Of course, my mom has requested for my birthday that I become more positive. Which, since she was the one who had to do all the work in this situation of my being born and all, I suppose it’s the least I could do. As a sort of courtesy for her. So yeah to getting older, learning lessons, becoming wiser like an owl or something. I am also not too old for presents if you’d like to send some my way ❤

(this is happening at midnight stay tuned for vlog)



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