Nothing. New. Here.

22 02 2012

I haven’t been busy per say, but I have been distracted. Birthday distractions + dating distractions.

I think I have a date lined up for almost every night this week. I at least have something planned for every day this week, which is pretty intense.

Last week was amazing, with the goth party and my birthday and The Haircut/Cougarpants rocking out at Unit E/getting a huge bruise on my ankle while moshing, etc.

This week though, I think all the drinking has caught up with me, plus the poor eating–too much junk food sitting around; I have to admit I’m slightly depressed. I don’t really feel like writing at all and am only doing it because if I don’t I’ll feel even more depressed for not being productive.


Who wants to give me one?

I’ll work as hard as you do.

Whatever that means.


I hate money.

And I hate how we all have to get it by doing things we don’t really care about.

Not a new argument. I know.

You know what, we should just dance around in our socks.

I think I can find a way to make money doing that. If I try really hard I can come up with something… just you wait and see!

Here are some videos you probably missed because you’re not subscribed to my channel.

I got a package.

And I already have 1 dislike. I know how to do it. What what.



2 responses

26 02 2012
B'Lack Osama

u should smoke some pot and find some more entertaining ways to waste your time.also, pepsi zero is for people who don’t sit around thinking of ways to end it all the time.

26 02 2012
B'Lack Osama

also, if I were to give you a job, you’d probably want to try to work harder than me, considering I gave you the job and would also be paying you. also, I know I’m snarky, but no maliciousness is meant. also, srsly, go back to the drawing board on the vlogs. they’re NOT helping you. at all.

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