My New White Trash Project.

7 04 2012

Who’s joining me?

So. In keeping with this white trash theme, I have decided to do at least one trashy thing a day. I will add it to the end of every blog… unless I don’t blog that day, then it will be the blog itself. (Like this one)

I started this yesterday by wearing my zipper dress around Boulder. This dress is stretch denim with a gold zipper that goes all the way down the middle for easy removal. I walked all around town in this dress. Occasionally it would hike itself up in the back and I could feel a breeze travel all the way up my thighs. And  guess what, I liked it. It’s an area of a woman’s body that rarely gets to feel the wind. Also, I’m 27 I need to embrace my curvaceousness, my sex appeal, before it disappears into old age. To add to the trashiness I was on a search to fix my front license plate that had somehow managed to fall off my neon. The dealership guy was like, “how did that happen?” And I looked at him like, “how do you think?”

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because Denver streets are full of pot holes and half-ass curbs or maybe someone was trying to steal it because they were drunk and stupid or maybe somebody bumped into while parallel parking… ANYTHING is possible really. All I know is that it wasn’t there.

Another trashy thing I did last night: I watched the second Pirates Porn. Well, not all of it, but enough of it to get the gist. That’s three in one day; I’m on a roll.

Today I ate brunch outside on my friend’s concrete driveway wearing cut-off jean shorts soaking up the glorious sun drinking homemade juice (IDK if homemade juice is necessarily white trash…maybe if you hand squeezed the juice itself).

Then on my car ride back to Denver I listened to Kittie. Their first album. (Their best album).

That’s right. Watch out world.

Cleaning up this place one trashy move at a time.

You’ll never guess what I’m doing tomorrow!



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