5 Randoms: Mostly About Vibrators.

2 05 2012

1.) I accidentally bought decaf coffee from the store. Perhaps if I had had coffee prior to buying it I would have noticed. I finally found my stash of emergency coffee in the cupboard, it’s pretty late to be drinking coffee, but I’m going to do it anyway!!! Yeah for being sleepy all day but awake all night.

2.)  I’m thinking about what I want to write next. My roommate told me I should write about my year of dates. I’m thinking about doing that but turning it into erotic fiction instead, so I’ll use my dates as a base but then elaborate them and make them better than they really were. The next 50 Shades. . .  but better.

3.) I want to do something grand. Or maybe something just great. Like go on a vacation somewhere I’ve never been. Or write a story that actually gets published.  A minor success would be a major achievement in my book. I think I just need to read more until I can figure it all out.

4.) I wish people would stop buying jelly vibrators. STOP BUYING JELLY!!! Don’t put toxins inside your body when you don’t have to. *sigh*

5.) Man-less May starts today. Who’s excited about this? No one? No one. Exactly.



One response

20 08 2012
The Provocateur

I would love to read some of your erotica. Where would a lustful boy find such delicious words?

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