Vote For My New Glasses! Also dick pics (hahaha not really).

10 05 2012

Have I talked about this before? Am I the only one who is an asshole to the people at the grocery store (or where ever) who ask, “would you like to donate a dollar to prostate cancer?”

No, you fucking moron, I do not want to donate any money to prostate cancer, I think cancer has enough talent and persistence on its own to not need any of my financial encouragement.

Seriously. Why have they not noticed a problem in their choice of words? It’s been years and they still say the same thing. Idiots! Imbeciles! Do I always have to do everything MYSELF!

So, I’m considering getting a new pair of glasses. . . which ones do you like? Any of them?

I can’t decide!

I have to go to work in like 30 minutes. If this isn’t edited very well, I blame it on that. Also my internet is all wanked-out today. I blame it on the guy weed-eating the lawn. I don’t know why it’s his fault, but it is.

I’ve been doing more free writing lately, working with dialogue, which is fun. Basically recreating my roommate and my conversations, but making them even better–I know, it’s hard to imagine–but it’s truly possible!

…hours later. . . .

Okay. So the internet was so fucked that I couldn’t get this posted until after work.

I’m too tired to really say anything else. But hooray for dick pics, right? Am I right ladies? Okay. Well, whatever, we all have our “things”.



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10 05 2012

i like numero IV

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