It’s Gray Outside. This Wasn’t Meant to Be So Depressing. Oops.

13 05 2012

What would you call a woman who, after two glasses of wine, falls asleep while watching the Star Trek parody porn? Me. Oh, you picked “sad” didn’t you? Close. That’s almost my name. And that’s how I spent my Saturday night. I don’t really know what happened, but suddenly I am no longer going out. I don’t like this. I feel like I’m turning into an old woman very quickly. While I was working my friends were making other plans, making other friends, moving on with their lives. It is as if work has killed me. It’s at least killed my social life. Particularly since i no longer have weekends off or any set schedule. At least I like the people I work with. Though we’re not allowed to hang out outside of work. Good thing I work all the time. At least there is human contact there.

Speaking of human contact.

I just tried to create a complicated relationship with myself on facebook

Excuse you facebook, I can indeed create a relationship with myself. In fact, I’m having a relationship with myself RIGHT NOW! And it’s very, very, complicated indeed. So FUCK you and you’re inability to allow all kinds of relationship dynamics on your site.

I changed it to “life” instead. We’re having our ups and downs. We’re fighting a lot more. I’m not sure if we’re going to make it.

In fact, I know the relationship is not going to last. I am just not sure when it’s going to end. Or how.

Anyway, enough of that. Maybe I’ll finally buy myself the Form 2 today. I’ll treat myself since I’m not wasting any money going out anymore.

And, yeah, fine, I’ll change my name to Sad. Are you all happy now?



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