10 Minute Blog: Almost a Stream.

17 05 2012

I have a very limited amount of time, but I wanted to let you all know that I’m thinking about you. How sweet! I have to go to work in ten minutes.

Yesterday, at work, I got in an argument (discussion) with a guy around the same age as my dad, who insisted that I should have children. I was like, “nothing is coming out of that thing” (well, besides pee and squirts and stuff) and he was all like, “but you HAVE to,” and I was all like, “don’t fucking tell me what to do.” I didn’t say that, but I looked at him that way. It’s my body and I’ll do with it what I want. I don’t need  some older privileged white guy who happens to be a complete stranger insisting I do things with my body that I don’t want to do.

Though they really do try don’t they?

Also, I haven’t been sleeping very well. I’m waking up remembering my dreams and my dreams have not been so fantastic. Many involve work. Or boys who are too far away to touch. Or climbing massive mountains and being scared to death that I’m going to fall off of them.

Let’s take a moment to analyze all of that. . . .

I’m drinking like two day old burnt coffee. It’s pretty disgusting. How do people get up so early in the morning? One day I’ll be more productive. And that’s probably more of a literal statement, like, I’ll be more productive for one day. Instead of, eventually I’ll get my shit together–because who knows if that’s true. My life feels very manic. One week I’m up accomplishing so much shit, the next week–nothing.

I’m sending a piece off this week though. Wish me publishing luck–whatever that looks like.

I like working at night. I get more stuff done and then I don’t fall of the deep end and drink excessively, like I did Monday. Monday was a good day. Tuesday was sssooo shitty. I did absolutely nothing. Well, the most I did was walk to Cheesman Park and lay down there. Then I walked home and ate chinese food. Not good. I’ve been off balance ever since.

This blog is boring me.

Good thing it’s over.

Hope you all have an splendid day.



One response

17 05 2012

Ha ha love it! funny how we all think that something is shit because we are not all writing about bunnies and blues skies! To be honest I’m glad you wrote it cause I’m in the same mood I can’t even get out of the house I think its cause its so damn grey here and then I went out to get some food come back with some biscuits of which I’ve eaten half a pack.. that makes me feel bad then I’ve written about 4 posts on the blog then deleted them even a poem urggg! everything about myself is annoying me but I just guess thats how it happens sometimes we just gotta go with it! Well anyway hope your week gets better and good luck is flying over to you re publishing!

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