I Should Have Just Said No.

13 06 2012

I found drugs on the floor at work the other night. Since I have never consumed hard drugs before I’m still not entirely sure what it was, there were two bags. My educated guess–meth and coke. Or crack and coke. I still don’t know. It doesn’t matter any way because it’s all been flushed down the toilet.

I probably could have made bank from it. Or at least enough to buy myself a nice supply of drugs I actually consume–alcohol.

But the weirdest drug story actually happened last night.

I was working upstairs and these two middle eastern men were shopping around. One didn’t want my help, the other one wanted me to help him find a pill that one could take to make a person “smell” good.

I have never heard of such thing.

After that, the other guy tried to explain they were actually looking for a liquid substance that one could put in a woman’s orange juice or water so that she would “want to do it.”

I just stared at them.

I asked him to repeat what he wanted.

I stared some more.

All I could think of was that these guys we’re looking for GHB and wanted to go out and date-rape.

I pointed them to our G-Spark pill. And these “arousal” shooters we have.

The pills we have in the store would never knock a woman out; they probably really wouldn’t do much of anything as I’m assuming it’s much more placebo-effect than anything else.

I was still disturbed by the incident.

To be “slipped” something–whether all natural or chemically compounded is still a violation of human rights. It is in fact, deceit, and I was creeped out that these men were more than likely going to spike a woman’s drink because the women they knew didn’t want to be sexual with them to begin with.


I really didn’t know how to respond.

The two guys didn’t end up buying any, but then a third one came in an hour later and purchased a shooter.

I can only hope the woman is aware she is consuming it. I think I’m going to have to have a conversation with these men the next time they come in. Part of my job is to educate, so they’re going to get a ear-full.




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