5 Randoms: Don’t Go Breakin My Heart.

28 06 2012

1.) I don’t really understand why vodka tonics have to cost so much more than beer. I mean they buy their vodka in bulk and their tonic in bulk so it probably costs them 20 cents for a glass. It’s summer. It’s the best summer drink. And they’re hurting my wallet. I guess I need a second job just so I can 1) buy more vodka tonics 2) stay in air conditioning longer. I’ve been feeling very Tyler Durden lately any way, insomniac, think I’m sleeping but I’m really organizing an underground revolution.

2.) They are playing vegan cooking shows on PBS. This makes me excited! It makes me want to cook for my friends! But I’d have to turn on the stove so that’s probably not going to happen (and I’d have to have friends).

3.) This guy and I were debating who the hottest Disney prince is, I said Eric from The Little Mermaid as he’s the only one they gave very well developed features to, besides Aladdin–who’s way too skinny and wears a stupid hat. Then we stubbled upon this website that turned those fuddy duddy princes into hot babes.  Now they all win in my heart. Though Eric still might be the hottest. IDK. Thoughts?

4.) I know I need to write an entire blog about my life after reading The Game. Because as Gloria Anzaldua says, “once you know you can never un-know” or something like that, that is not a direct quote, I don’t know why I direct quoted it. But. It has definitely changed my perception and interaction with people while out at the bars. I’m not quite sure if this is a good or bad thing yet, only time will tell. Though, I have been meeting some ridiculously cute guys. We’ll see if anything comes from that.

5) It’s going to be a fireworks-less fourth of July. We’re all going to have to find other ways to make the holiday sparkle and explode. I wish we had more american flag pasties at the store. I told them months ago we were going to sell out and should restock for July. But why listen to me. I just know what sluts want, and who are they but some of the best capitalist consumers on the planet. Yay America!



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