And My Neighborhood Just Turned Creepy.

13 08 2012

I glanced out my window at just the right time to see a guy who didn’t live in the apartment next door walk in. A few minutes later I heard the neighbor’s dog start barking and the guy walked out and wrote something down on a piece of paper. I found this to be incredibly suspicious so I got online to see exactly how I would report such thing, as he didn’t do anything technically, except trespass I suppose. Anyway, I still haven’t reported it because I got distracted by the sex offender search.

1488 in a five-mile radius.

That’s one thousand four hundred and eighty eight perv right outside my door.

I started looking at them individually and it made me sick.

Then I started rating them, like, oh well this one was 18 when convicted so he probably just had a 16-year-old girlfriend.

Sodomy? Oh, so he likes it up the butt? Whatever.

Oh, that guy fucked an animal in Arkansas, so shocked.

Then I started looking closer at their faces and I noticed that some of them had slight smirks in their pictures. And I was like WHAT ARE THEY SMILING ABOUT!!!!

And I wondered if it was just a instinctual thing to smile because their picture was being taken or if they were seriously demented.

Somebody once warned me never to look at that and now I wish I would have listened.

I mean, that’s almost 300 sex offenders per mile radius. Does this not seem like an incredibly big number? Doesn’t this really highlight our culture’s fucked up concepts of sexuality?

It reminds me of Gayle Rubin’s essay “Thinking Sex” and what our society deems appropriate and not appropriate sexual behavior. This is a huge issue that stems deep without our culture’s construction and would take book upon book to really describe and breakdown, but bottom line, it’s about time to redefine gender roles and power dynamics because 300 creepers a mile doesn’t sit well with me. And that guy creeping into my neighbor’s apartment– also freaks me out. Maybe it’s time to move far far away to a secluded countryside with no neighbors?



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