10 Randoms: Goth Drunk Punched Love Hate Celebrate.

27 08 2012

1.) Last night we witnessed the neighbors walking into their apartment with a new puppy. At the time, I was like “oh my goodness, how adorable”. Today, with the neighbors gone and the puppy left alone I am thinking the exact opposite. So excited to hear this bitch yelp and whine every morning for the next few months.

2.) I almost saw a guy punch another guy while they were waiting for the bus. They were arguing very loudly. I bet that’s going to be an awesome bus ride for everyone.

3.) There are several guys that I used to have mega-crushes on who are now engaged. Good for them for finding love. Good to know someone still believes in it.

4.) I’ve been on a big Bush kick lately. I think this is weird. I even went to a record store trying to find on of their albums, but to no avail.

(I couldn’t find a real video for this song, weird.)

5.) I’m also digging the goth bars more and more. Maybe because the last time I went some guy hit my ass with his paddle… and I’m turning into a masochist.

6.) And maybe a bit of a sadist.

Pain for everyone!

7.) I’ve started working on a new writing project, sort of like a creative-nonfiction fiction sitcom based off of my daily life at the sex toy store. I think it could be “the one.”

8.) Last night we had a “mini-dinner party,” I had forgotten how much I enjoy cooking. It’s therapeutic, I get to cut vegetables with a knife, pound garlic down with my thumbs, smash and grind. It’s a good time. Plus the eating is always nice. I’ve decided I need to do it more. Like at least once a week. The more the merrier. Maybe. Unless you’re an asshole.

(Aren’t you proud of me for putting people in the picture of the food! Falafel for everyone!!!)

9.) Today’s tarot card reading: Ten of Coins and Six of Wands. It appears that I will be having a prosperous day. Yay! Success!

10.)  My friend and I were discussing the theoretical implications of “the friend zone.” He claimed that once you’re in it, it’s almost impossible to get out. And I’ve been thinking about that for awhile and I’m not exactly sure I believe it. Because, I have had people who have grown on me over time; people I initially only looked at as friends but then suddenly, often times out of nowhere, I realized that I liked that person more. So yes, when you’re in “the friend zone” it may take longer, but it can indeed happen. If that’s what you really want. But usually there is a reason they were only friends to begin with. . . (again that’s from someone who is pretty fatalistic/realistic/nihilistic/ about love).



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