10 Randoms: Good, Evil, and Whatever it is that I am.

1 09 2012

1.) When I’m so drunk I’m texting as slow as a grandpa on a typewriter I should probably not be texting.

2.) It would be weird to have local news anchors for parents.

3.) Even though I’m veganish I love watching America’s Test Kitchen. I think it’s because it’s so scientific. They’ve cooked this dish a million times until they know how to do it perfectly and that’s really great for lazy people who still want the best.

4.) Yes. It’s true. I’m now veganish as opposed to strictly vegan. A part of me wants to claim its due to the lack of community here–I have no other vegan friends–but maybe it actually comes down to my personality. I can’t believe in anything enough to be “strict” about it. Fine, I’m an asshole. Whatever.

5.) Strictness. I woke up today, hungover of course, and I said to myself, it’s a new month, I’m going to make new goals! Then a minute later I was like get serious Krystal you’re not going to do shit again this month. I don’t know what it will take to get my ass in gear, but I’ve decided that instead of fighting both sides–the super-type-A-accomplish-good-things side v. the self-destruct-courtney-love-lazy side I’m just going to fake-it-until-I-make-it. And try to do both.

6.) Maybe anti-depressents would help.

7.) I’ve been studying the art of lying recently, in that I watched a TedTalks on it and then read an article. I’ve been trying to determine how often I lie in comparison with the general public. I’ve always been an advocate for pure honesty, feeling that overtime honesty will get one further in life regarding general personal health. So, I say what I actually think. I think. But I’m wondering if I’ve just been lying to myself all this time and in turn lying to everyone else.

8.) I’m going to smile more and try to one nice thing a day. Or maybe every other day. (Truth or lie?)

9.) I should also mention that I got a new vibrator recently and it’s my favorite so far. . . Picobong Ako— basic clitoral vibrator. Though, now that I’ve gone to their website and witnessed how they’re trying to sell their product I may have to retract this statement. Why are they jumping with vibrators in their hands? And they all look so chipper. Weeee! Like OMG!

10.) I’m going to flip a coin and determine whether or not I will be good or evil at work today. . . heads=good tails=evil. . . tails it is. Muhahaha. Muhahaha. Excited for the cackling.



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