5 Randoms: Settle While I Stir.

3 09 2012

1.) Is Labor Day Weekend a popular engagement time? Why are all my facebook friends suddenly engaged? Be careful friends, be careful.

2.) While everyone else is settling I’m restlessly whore-ing it up and I can honestly say I prefer it this way. We’re all TOO YOUNG. As my favorite bartender says, “We only live once,” this is also the same bar that has a chalkboard that reads 2012: The Year of Bad Decisions, so those are two things to live by, particularly while drinking.

3.) Speaking of bars and slutness. I ran into 3 guys I used to see at the same bar last night and what could have been incredibly awkward was actually just hilarious. At least to me.

4.) I really need to make plans for the fall. I’m thinking a kickboxing class and tv show writing and less bad decision making–or more, as long as I do the other two things first.

5.) Tarot card reading for the day: Seven of Coins and Nine of Wands (for the 500th time); I have good ideas that I just need to be more persistent with, shock shock.



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