10 Randoms: Short and Not Really Sweet Mostly Boring You Probably Shouldn’t Bother.

21 10 2012

1.) Well, that contract thing sort of fell through. The guy did. The idea is still available.

2.) I just read this article about getting off the pill. I’ve been off for over a year now and I still don’t think my body has completely adjusted back to “natural woman.”

3.) My roommate may have come up with a brilliant idea for me. It involves a combination of writing and dating. Even though I’m again, considering giving the latter up.

4.) I’ve been feeling a lack of motivation lately. Halloween, my favorite holiday is nearing, and I have nothing prepared. What is wrong with me?

5.) OMG I don’t want to go to work. I just want to hang out and figure out my future and read books all day. Maybe watch some netflix. Just started watching a show called Shameless; it’s pretty good (though one must adjust to the heavy accents).

6.) So, as many of you know I have a deep psychological issue of being attracted, maybe even being “in love” with people who are here but are leaving. And it used to be the theory that I was attracted to them because I knew I couldn’t have them, but now I’m thinking additionally it’s because leaving is ambitious, it’s adventurous, it’s even daring and I’m attracted to people who are those things. And there is something slightly romantic about longing for someone far away. My attention span for men is short so it never lasts anyway.

7.) I should stop sleeping. I have a lot to do with my life and though I enjoy it, though it could in fact be my favorite activity, I have much more to accomplish and it sort of gets in the way. Work also gets the way. Maybe I should give up that instead?

8.) Fucking Colorado, you go one day without putting “the lotion on the skin” and it turns to sandpaper. Sandpaper. I am not exaggerating.

9.) I realized the other day how my blog absolutely sucks wiener. Someone asked me what it was about and I was like, “nothing, it’s not about anything,” I apologize to all of you for reading this. Particularly my regulars. I owe you all a drink.

10.) Is it time for me to fly yet, or should I stay in Denver one more round?



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