7 Randoms: Holiday Ho-Down.

24 12 2012

1.) Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s not technically Christmas Eve until the evening, right?

2.) If you are planning to go to any mega liquor stores today, I’d suggest taking a shot or two or three before going and then walking there. Particularly if you’re in Denver and you’re going to a highly populated one located on Colfax. People are cray cray and super special there today.

3.) I don’t know about anyone else, but I am not very good at the whole present-thing. I think it has to do with being better at the spontaneity of getting something for someone because it reminds me of them, not because I’m supposed to–or at least highly encouraged by our capitalist society to represent my care for people close to me by giving them a tangible object of sorts.

4.) Facebook has given me the opportunity to barely recognize people who used to be very recognizable. Mainly what I’m saying is that I spied on a couple of people who I used to date and they’ve really changed in size and shape. Like, they’re now stuffed-puffy-humans of their former selves. I mean, they have really not taken care of themselves physically at all and it always makes me question if I date people while they’re in their prime– and then when their prime is over I let them go. And if that’s so, have I not reached my own prime? And when it is my prime will I find just the right person who is also in his prime and will we be like this mega-power couple that will change the world for the better? I hope so.

5.) It brings up the topic of weight. I am all for people accepting their bodies in whatever shape or size they find comfortable for them, but I also believe in health, which means being active. People don’t need to run five miles every day to be impressive humans, but to stay alive longer I’d suggest dancing every day–or something that fuels the body and the soul.

6.) But what do I know, people can do whatever they want. Not my problem.

7.) “Not my problem” is a terrific motto for the workplace. Retail work specifically. Also, I think it’s about time that Denver sends me a thank-you card. I’m giving so many of you the proper tools to get off–over and over again– and what do I get in return? 8 dollars an hour. At least a few smiles when I run into you at the over-crowded liquor store would be nice. You’re all welcome by the way.




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