A Different Kind of Magic Bus.

6 09 2013

You know those dreams people have where they’re falling off of a cliff or a building or a ledge and it shakes them awake? Have you ever not woken up?

The other night I dreamt that I was on this bus going through one of the most majestic mountainous scenery I have ever witnessed it was like the Garden of the Gods and Roxborough State Park and Rocky Mountain National Park had merged together in my mind. And I was on top of one of the mountains. In a bus of all places. We drove all around looking at the view, and then we started to descend. And when I say descend I mean the bus basically drove off the mountain. And we were flying.

roxborough state park

I know that I stopped breathing.

I thought to myself, if this is the way I die, at least I have the best final view possible.

Then I let go.

I realized I wasn’t the driver of the bus. I had to trust the driver would get us to safe ground and in the meantime I could just enjoy the art of soaring through the sky. I mean no other places but the inside of a dream could really be that fantastical.

It is interesting to dive in deeper to dream interpretation. If at first I was falling and then I was flying it appears that at least in my subconscious dream state I was able to overcome my anxieties and challenges and find joy and liberation.

What that really says to me is that I need to quit falling in my every day and start flying instead. Or in another words, turn my negativity inside out and find a way to prevail over my challenges instead of letting my challenges eat me alive.



One response

9 09 2013


I actually do dream interpretations and I wanted to offer this dream interpretation to you. Please let me know if you connect to any part of this interpretation.

To be on a bus embodies the feelings of being a part of a group or community. A bus can travel long or short distances, but it still takes you directly into the vicinity of where you are looking to go. People usually take the bus when they have planned something very specific. So I would say that this bus represents a planned journey, somewhere specific, that somehow involves others. I would ask why a bus and not a car, truck, or a camper? Were you the only one on the bus? Why did you decide to take the journey with the other people if you were not alone? Does the bus trip remind you of anywhere specific that you recently went for an activity, project, or work that involved other people?

Majestic is a very specific word… It hints to the feeling of magic, awe, wonder, something grand, and outstanding.

A mountain is a place that if looked at from below can seem like a difficult feat, but if witnessed from above you have a grander view. Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you like nature? Did you see something recently in nature that opened you up to a whole new world? Or did you recently come into contact with one of your natural life-giving qualities or skills?

Remember everything in the dream is an aspect of the self. So if you are seeing the mountain in the dream as majestic, then you are seeing or have recently seen or experienced something within yourself that is just as magical.

The word witnessed stands out to me. I think of a witness as someone who stands by your side and confirms something. I wonder if you received confirmation on something recently? You said that it reminded you of the Garden of the Gods, Roxborough State Park, and Rocky Mountain National all together. What do each of these three places represent to you? If you were a person visiting each of these places what would you be going their for specifically? For example if I was planning a trip to Hawaii my main intention with going there may be to experience reconnection. What experience would each of these places embody? Once you figure out what each of those places represents for you, take a look and see how they may have merged with your thoughts lately. You picked those places as descriptions for a reason. So whatever the essence of those three places is, you seemed to have experienced it in your mind/thoughts lately. Which caused a mind-blowing experience. Something never experienced before in such a way. I keep thinking of mind, body, and spirit aligned all together to produce a favorable outcome.

Driving all around looking at the view reminds me of exploring, visualizing, taking in, absorbing, experiencing bliss and pleasure. I can’t help but think of some kind of inspiration or creativity that you might have experienced recently. Imagination comes to mind also.

The bus starting to descend reminds me of taking all that you gathered along that trail and moving it into reality. It kind of reminds me of moving heaven (thoughts, ideas, inspiration, positive influence) to earth (physical manifestation or into fruition).

Now flying is a very unique symbol. Some people are afraid to soar. Some feel like they aren’t safe or like they won’t land safely. To stop breathing reminds me of withdrawing your attention or focus from something. Breathing takes place involuntarily. You don’t have to control your breathing it just happens. It’s one of those things that happens miraculously by grace.

I wonder if you experienced letting go of control to let your higher power (God, inner being, higher self, angels etc) take control? It could have also been an experience of grounding yourself. Feeling more stable, secure, planted firmly in your field, work, family or another situation in your life. Whatever this experience was it seemed like it took your breath away. Dreams also sometimes show us things that are about to happen. Not literally all the time, but the essence of something “breathtaking” may enter your reality if it hasn’t done so already.

The bus driver is an important factor in this dream. After all he/she is the one controlling the entire trip. What are the characteristics of the bus driver? Do you know the bus driver personally? Does the bus driver remind you of anyone? In what way does he/she approach driving the bus and the trip? I take it that this gentleman/female wouldn’t have taken that leap of faith if he or she didn’t know what they were doing. The characteristics of this bus driver could also be pointing towards the feeling you need to embody or did recently embody on your journey. Perhaps you experienced the quality recently, but didn’t fully embrace it as your own.

I loved the phrase “I could just enjoy soaring through the sky”. This reminds me of the feelings of letting go of the oars, letting go of limitations/restrictions, and fears and just enjoying the creation. I think of birds flying through the air and I think of them feeling confident, gaining their balance, and flowing easily. Really being able to maintain or (mountain/build) a stable sense of beingness. Have you recently gotten comfortable with your brilliance, a talent, or skill lately? That soaring reminds me of a situation that allows you to be yourself completely, confidently, and effortlessly. Perhaps through creativity.

Sky is a symbol of infinite possibilities. They say the sky is the limit, but sometimes people are able to see even beyond that. They can see that even the sky is not a border nor a boundary. What we see as sky, earth, water, fire, mountains, etc. is just the image. You usually can’t see the huge amounts of energy that are sustaining those creations. That same energy is supporting and backing us as human beings and is there to assist us with opening to newer possibilities beyond even our wildest dreams. There is always more… More grace, more potential, more space to create again and again. Expansion is the word that comes to mind – limitless possibilities.

The inside of a dream… A dream is nothing more than you allowing your imagination to be open to all possibilities. Even grand ones. A feeling like the one you called fantastical can only be embodied in a state of mind that is open to radical possibility. That open, flowing, nonresistant state of being is how we all got here. We are just re-creators of that same joy.

Hope This Helps!


If you have any more dreams that you want me to interpret check out my wordpress blog. Thanks for sharing your dream!

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