9 Random Thoughts While Watching the News.

2 10 2013

1. So is the shutdown just a distraction from some other real story happening somewhere? Because it’s pretty boring news and I feel like they’re talking about it more than they’re talking about how Obamacare is actually going to feasibly work.

2. That feeling when you’re wearing super tight pants for too long and you take them off and put on less tight pants, amazing.

3. Though I am a professional drinker I would say that attempting to keep up with a sturdy 6’4” man who also, as it turns out, is a professional, may not have been the smartest move on my behalf.

4. This dude on the news just said that almonds will build your confidence. Sounds nuts to me.

5. I want to start making ridiculous youtube videos. I have ideas. Good ones. I’m just really bad about execution. Maybe with enough almonds I’ll eventually be able to get my shit together.

6. Wait. Colorado kids don’t have to go to gym? I’m confused. I still don’t understand campaign 66. I thought it was decided when they passed the legalization of marijuana that the taxes from the sales would go to education. Why do we need another tax on top of that? Can’t they just kind of combine the two together? I’m all for having more educated healthy people in the country, but if it costs the average family $133 per year, that $133 could go to a month of my professional drinking expenses, just saying, I’m kind of broke and I hate children.

7. I’m just kidding. I don’t hate them. I only find them excruciatingly annoying. Perhaps I would be willing to pay for the annoyingness to stop.

8. I’ve been running through all the parks and the leaves aren’t necessarily changing, they’re just dying and falling onto the ground. WTF is that all about? They just said on the news that a cold front is coming through so today may be the LAST day of fall… at least in regards to the colors of fall. I do not approve. It has not been nearly colorful enough.

9. The Great American Beer Festival is next weekend and I’m sort of curious if the entire city of Denver is just going to be completely wasted the entire time.

Of course it is, it doesn’t really take a festival for that to happen.




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