Krystal Fawn is a freelance writer and content creator.

She is currently working on her first book collection of creative nonfiction.

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3 responses

25 01 2012

I read your post about polyamory on Elephant. I am a non-renaissance-fair, non-old, non-anime obsessed, non-snuggle-puddle polyamorous women. A pretty “normal” chick indeed. It was a great article, better then most I have read on the subject. Anyway, wanted to give you a thumbs up.

26 02 2013
Neutral Zone

Read several of your articles, you are very good! I think your writing would fit in great with us at broodsugar.com. Would you be interested in writing with us or sharing your work with us? We get around 2k hits per day and are growing so it would be a good way to gain some exposure for your blog as well. Let us know if you are interested at broodsugar@yahoo.com

18 11 2013
Jillian Singh

Hi Krystal,

I hope this finds you well. My name is Jillian Singh, I am getting my Master’s from Medill this December.

I am working on a research paper about “The Sexes” section and how it works to effectively engage both genders. I would very much appreciate just a few minutes of your time to ask some questions about writing for this section. I could of course send questions beforehand, too.

Feel free to e-mail me!

Thanks so much and have a great day,
Jillian Singh

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