Video Blog: Writing Woes and Dating Foes

15 11 2012

I needed a writing break, so I talked about writing.


My Future in a Bowl: Drawing My Next Move.

8 09 2012

If anyone has an opinion on any of these places, or advice of actually living in those places, or are interested in moving to any of (the top 4) places with me, please leave me a comment or message me.

The Places that Won.

1.) Chile

2.) Sweden

3.) Brazil

4.) Portugal

5.) Colorado

(Not sure how I feel about #5 since the whole point was moving away, but maybe I’m supposed to give it a little more time here?)


(How could I not want to move here?)

Don’t Call Me EVER!!!!

7 06 2012

A Video blog critiquing Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”


(I will get better at this over time.)

Go Green Or Die Young(ish).

10 03 2012

I’m thinking about going raw vegan…not for life but for like a detox, get-back-to-healthy thing. Anyway. I’m starting slowly, because I still like warm foods. But, I also lloovvveee fruits and vegetables and nuts so I don’t think it would be THAT weird to do it for a month or two.

Anyway. I talk about it here:

I went to Healthy Blender Recipes for the smoothie.

Though I changed the recipe, which is totally allowed in raw vegan land.

GreenTime Smoothie

4 romaine lettuce leaves

2 cups pineapple

1 mango

grated ginger

1 cup filtered water

pinch of salt

(I then added ice because I wanted it colder)

It’s actually pretty tasty AND healthy, can’t beat that.

I wish I owned a freaking Vitamix… those things cost as much as a old used car.

French. Pressed. Video. Blog.

2 03 2012

So. Scott and I decided we should make video blogs that actually teach something. As you may remember I did teach you all how to open a champagne bottle the other day, but then the rest of the video sort of went down hill from there.

Here Scott explains how to make the best french press coffee.

He also judges my french press.

And I’m not wearing any pants because I just got out of bed (hence the lack of combed hair ¬†etc.).

Hope this helps with your next cup of coffee!

10 Random Thoughts: I Could Be Your Zombie.

24 02 2012

1) It smells like a cigarette in my apartment, which I find strange because we don’t smoke cigarettes in the apartment. I think there’s someone working on the basement apartment and he keeps smoking cigarettes and the smoke keeps drifting up here. What an ass. Also–the basement apartment is for rent if any one wants to live below me and be my cool new neighbor (who also happens to make/bring me coffee in the morning).

2) My feet are cold.

3) Why is it just my feet? What’s wrong with my feet!!!!

4) I think I need to go for a walk. Maybe it will help circulate the blood flow in my body a bit better and maybe it will help me get out of this funk.

5) I don’t know why I’m in a funk, I could guess though. It probably has something to do with razor burn. Nope, wait. Not razor burn. Not having a job. I guess there’s a lot more worth connected to money/ability/career than I care to admit. Also I have a looming presence that basically makes me feel guilty for not being as successful as everyone else who has some how managed to get a job. Any job.

6) I don’t want any job. You can read that whichever way makes you feel better.

7) I want to bite someone.

8) No really, like a vampire. Though I am willing to bite the person pretty much anywhere, not just the neck. I am hungry for flesh!!!

9) No. I am not a zombie.

10) Though, I do have a black soul.

Please enjoy this by not enjoying this. I mean, please don’t enjoy this just because you think you should not enjoy this. Wait. I don’t know. But here you go anyway.

Nothing. New. Here.

22 02 2012

I haven’t been busy per say, but I have been distracted. Birthday distractions + dating distractions.

I think I have a date lined up for almost every night this week. I at least have something planned for every day this week, which is pretty intense.

Last week was amazing, with the goth party and my birthday and The Haircut/Cougarpants rocking out at Unit E/getting a huge bruise on my ankle while moshing, etc.

This week though, I think all the drinking has caught up with me, plus the poor eating–too much junk food sitting around; I have to admit I’m slightly depressed. I don’t really feel like writing at all and am only doing it because if I don’t I’ll feel even more depressed for not being productive.


Who wants to give me one?

I’ll work as hard as you do.

Whatever that means.


I hate money.

And I hate how we all have to get it by doing things we don’t really care about.

Not a new argument. I know.

You know what, we should just dance around in our socks.

I think I can find a way to make money doing that. If I try really hard I can come up with something… just you wait and see!

Here are some videos you probably missed because you’re not subscribed to my channel.

I got a package.

And I already have 1 dislike. I know how to do it. What what.

Krystal. Gets. Positive.

14 02 2012

Positive thinking that is.

This one is for all the people who think I’m a Debby Downer or a Negative Nancy.

Kids. Suck. So. Do. Parents.

12 02 2012

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

No. I would never really stab anyone in the throat (well, maybe a rapist murderer attacking me, but that’s like self-defense and shit).

Love you all, xoxo.

Sexy. Cold. Best. Friend. Gossip. Grrrl.

10 02 2012

I don’t know whether you kids prefer video or reading, but for now I’m going to keep the video blog happening because it’s what I prefer right now. Right now. Next week though it might be a different story. OR maybe I’ll start doing half and half? Hmm? Who wants to make me famous? Or ugh, just help me get enough money to pay my rent? That would be super nice.

Maybe not so much this….