Krystal. Gets. Positive.

14 02 2012

Positive thinking that is.

This one is for all the people who think I’m a Debby Downer or a Negative Nancy.


Kids. Suck. So. Do. Parents.

12 02 2012

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

No. I would never really stab anyone in the throat (well, maybe a rapist murderer attacking me, but that’s like self-defense and shit).

Love you all, xoxo.

Sexy. Cold. Best. Friend. Gossip. Grrrl.

10 02 2012

I don’t know whether you kids prefer video or reading, but for now I’m going to keep the video blog happening because it’s what I prefer right now. Right now. Next week though it might be a different story. OR maybe I’ll start doing half and half? Hmm? Who wants to make me famous? Or ugh, just help me get enough money to pay my rent? That would be super nice.

Maybe not so much this….


Drunk. Video. Blog. Not. Sexy. Chips. And. Salsa.

10 02 2012

If you thought yesterday’s video blog was ridiculous. . .well, here’s a bigger winner.

And by winner I mean, really terrible (slightly) drunken ramblings.


Live. Sexy. Random. Video. Blog.

8 02 2012

Because I don’t feel like typing today: