Marriage, Equality, and Sexy Poem Reading.

26 03 2013

1.) Am I the only one who notices it when people who have dated for awhile start to look like each other? They reflect each other’s mannerisms, often to the point of almost becoming that other person. I know this happens in friendships too. I read somewhere that you are most like the five people you’re closest to, which makes sense. The article suggests making sure those five people are positive influences, but surely it’s good to have at least one cynic?

2.) Looking out my window, I am like those spring flowers that just got pummeled by the snow. Bright, looking forward to the future, but slightly drooping, holding on for dear life.

3) I remember when my feminist friend decided to get married. Her argument was that by doing so, she and her partner could work on changing the institution from within. I hope that is what happens with marriage equality. I hope more relationship structures become accepted, and not necessarily just monogamous ones (regardless of gender).


4) I have a job interview tomorrow! I haven’t had those generic interview-questions asked to me in so long–I can pull it off but it’s going to be an experience. It would help if it wasn’t so early in the morning, but at least I’ll get it out of the way and won’t have long to be nervous about it. I may very soon be putting books on shelves, woo!

5.) I was at the bar the other day and this woman came up to me and handed me a napkin, “here, I wrote you a poem,” she said.

“Somewhere there is a ___ of loving.

Where body is dismantled and

feeling takes hold.

What feeling takes on the special

feeling of desire

That feeling speaks louder than

words, or feelings, or thought,

Or sex, or love.

Let’s do what our bodies compel

Us to do.

For what is hot, is so fucking

Simple too.” ~Woman from the Bar

She should have put her number on the napkin, isn’t that standard?

6 Random Thoughts: About. Everything. Nothing. In. Between.

6 03 2012

1) Giving up OK Cupid has opened so much free time. I’ve been able to read books! Books I say! And I got a job! A freaking job! About time I know. I think I just needed to refocus my energies and also spend more time with myself. Initially I thought that going out and meeting new people would help me realize more about myself and what I wanted from life, but really I think just spending an huge amount of time alone is helping so much more.

2) I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to start my new job. I am going to be working at a store that sells pleasurable sensual sexual products. This has been something I’ve wanted to do for like 10 years. And I’m finally doing it!

3) I’ve also always wanted to be a bartender and last night my dreams came true for like 30 minutes. Because the bartender is in llloovvveeeee with my roommate he let me take over so he could flirt with her more. I love that he’s in love with her because we got hammered for really cheap. Also–I worked for drinks and all my roomie had to do was be cute and clever.

4)I did dishes! DISHES. I am not a big fan of dishes, so much not a fan that I used to claim I was allergic to dish soap to get out of doing them. Maybe if my mom would have tempted me with a fruity cocktail as my reward I would have not been so allergic.

5) This warm weather revealed that I no longer own any sandals, well I didn’t own any until I bought a new pair today. Wee. New shoes for better weather.

6) I need a nap.

Good night.