An Almost-Free Show (that we didn’t want to see).

22 05 2012

Three curvy middle-aged black women walk into the store. They’re laughing and hooting and hollering looking at all the lingerie, questioning me about buying a stripper pole. They’re having a great time. They move back to the clothes. Asking where the “big girl” stuff is. I point out the curvy section. I explain how there is “one size” and “queen” in most of the boxed sets.

Then they notice the section where everything is 50% off. When I tell them that it all runs small, like the bra triangle wouldn’t even fit over my own nipple, one of the women says, “would it fit on mine, I’m only an A cup.”

“Girl, you are not an A cup.” I say. Because seriously,┬áthis woman has breasts as large if not larger than mine.

“Oh yes I am, see?” Suddenly she just whips out her tit.

For a moment I am in shock. Because I didn’t quite see it coming–though I should have–so I just stood there and looked at her puzzled.

“Seriously? No, not an A.” I say and I walk away.

I think her boob will be implanted in my memory for a long time. Mostly because I wasn’t expecting it and then it was in my face in a completely non-sexual almost abrasive sort of way.

Later that night, my co-worker was working on the second floor and a guy creeped up there and showed her a picture of his dick. He bought a dollar thing of lube and left.

Was it Flasher Monday or what?

It brings up a good question about our relationship to nudity. Like, we work in a sex store, but we don’t want to see you naked, in any way. And yet, because we work in a sex store they find is slightly more appropriate to behave nearly-child-like in their exposures.

The dick-guy gets off on showing that pic because he knows how wrong it is to do such a thing. It is a fetish to him.

The woman said she has “no shame,” and though that might be true, she also knows that people don’t do that, and so it becomes entertainment for her to be more “shocking” than other people and to impress her friends with her rebellion.

I still think it’s weird how were socially constructed to think certain parts need to be covered over other parts, when one can look around culturally and see that it’s different in many places.

Either way. It is a social construct and those people chose not to follow it, thus weirding out both me and my co-worker for the night.