Have you RSVPed to the Breeding Party?

20 07 2013

Yeah, there’s a fetish for that.

They say anything you can think of in regards to sexuality, someone has done. For example think of the weirdest food and the weirdest place you can stick it–yep, someone has already tried that. Recently I was slutting around online and stumbled upon a BDSM fetish called “breeding parties.” There are a lot of different ways this can work, but basically it’s exactly how it sounds. A woman or women not on birth control have sex with several men in an attempt to up their chances of pregnancy.

It appears that the fetish can be arousing for one or both (or all) of the partners involved– like the woman could really get off on fucking lots of different men, a dom could really get off on making his sub fuck whoever he says. Whatever, I don’t really care what gets these weirdos off. What I care about is that in the end, after this party has taken place, there’s a pretty good chance that the woman is (women are) going to be knocked up.

Then it’s not a game anymore.


Can you imagine an entire fucking life created out of this? I mean are the people involved really wanting to become parents or are they doing it because it’s a high risk kink?

While reading about this there was a brief mention of the concept of sperm wars–which is when a woman has sex with several guys around the same time and the sperm literally competes for a spot in her ovaries. The idea being that genetically the strongest evolutionarily is going to be the winner and yay, the prize is landing as a human on earth–whoo!

I guess I’m not weird enough. More than that I think having a child is probably the biggest responsibility any two people together can have. Maybe it’s because the planet’s resources are limited or that there are a lot of un-loved people on this earth, or that kids generally suck unless their parents are super cool, but I don’t know if a “breeding party” is a really swell idea particularly if the intentions center around the deviance of it instead of the reality.