I Should Have Just Said No.

13 06 2012

I found drugs on the floor at work the other night. Since I have never consumed hard drugs before I’m still not entirely sure what it was, there were two bags. My educated guess–meth and coke. Or crack and coke. I still don’t know. It doesn’t matter any way because it’s all been flushed down the toilet.

I probably could have made bank from it. Or at least enough to buy myself a nice supply of drugs I actually consume–alcohol.

But the weirdest drug story actually happened last night.

I was working upstairs and these two middle eastern men were shopping around. One didn’t want my help, the other one wanted me to help him find a pill that one could take to make a person “smell” good.

I have never heard of such thing.

After that, the other guy tried to explain they were actually looking for a liquid substance that one could put in a woman’s orange juice or water so that she would “want to do it.”

I just stared at them.

I asked him to repeat what he wanted.

I stared some more.

All I could think of was that these guys we’re looking for GHB and wanted to go out and date-rape.

I pointed them to our G-Spark pill. And these “arousal” shooters we have.

The pills we have in the store would never knock a woman out; they probably really wouldn’t do much of anything as I’m assuming it’s much more placebo-effect than anything else.

I was still disturbed by the incident.

To be “slipped” something–whether all natural or chemically compounded is still a violation of human rights. It is in fact, deceit, and I was creeped out that these men were more than likely going to spike a woman’s drink because the women they knew didn’t want to be sexual with them to begin with.


I really didn’t know how to respond.

The two guys didn’t end up buying any, but then a third one came in an hour later and purchased a shooter.

I can only hope the woman is aware she is consuming it. I think I’m going to have to have a conversation with these men the next time they come in. Part of my job is to educate, so they’re going to get a ear-full.


10 Random Thoughts: I Could Be Your Zombie.

24 02 2012

1) It smells like a cigarette in my apartment, which I find strange because we don’t smoke cigarettes in the apartment. I think there’s someone working on the basement apartment and he keeps smoking cigarettes and the smoke keeps drifting up here. What an ass. Also–the basement apartment is for rent if any one wants to live below me and be my cool new neighbor (who also happens to make/bring me coffee in the morning).

2) My feet are cold.

3) Why is it just my feet? What’s wrong with my feet!!!!

4) I think I need to go for a walk. Maybe it will help circulate the blood flow in my body a bit better and maybe it will help me get out of this funk.

5) I don’t know why I’m in a funk, I could guess though. It probably has something to do with razor burn. Nope, wait. Not razor burn. Not having a job. I guess there’s a lot more worth connected to money/ability/career than I care to admit. Also I have a looming presence that basically makes me feel guilty for not being as successful as everyone else who has some how managed to get a job. Any job.

6) I don’t want any job. You can read that whichever way makes you feel better.

7) I want to bite someone.

8) No really, like a vampire. Though I am willing to bite the person pretty much anywhere, not just the neck. I am hungry for flesh!!!

9) No. I am not a zombie.

10) Though, I do have a black soul.

Please enjoy this by not enjoying this. I mean, please don’t enjoy this just because you think you should not enjoy this. Wait. I don’t know. But here you go anyway.