Face Plant.

29 01 2012

Last night I was at this art opening, and like any good art opening there was free beer. The free beer led to lots of hipsters sticking around drinking–because you know, it was free and they’re all artists and don’t make any money. Anyway, the night suddenly went from blah blah to ha ha when this tall homeless crackhead broad waltzed through the door. It really just takes one crackhead to liven the mood.

Anyway, he came over to our group and started mumbling; I really can’t recall one sentence he said that made any sense. But he stood there and he kept talking. Then I pulled the best Jenna Marbles “How to Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk to ” face. But better because I had a prop.

I had finished my beer and was getting really bored by this guy, so I took the plastic cup and sucked it to my face. Then, I looked up at him with crazy eyes and shook what was then my two empty jazz hands all around.

He laughed.

Then he leaned over and hugged me, said, “you’re funny” and walked away.


And in my head I wasn’t even thinking I was doing the Jenna Marbles no-talk face, but I guess subconsciously I was.

In any event. My friend and I cracked up about it for like 15 minutes. Then I got another beer. And the ha ha went back to blah blah. Until we left the gallery for music.

Will play that plastic-cup-face card in the future for sure.