5 Random Thoughts: Denver, Music, Strippers.

28 04 2012

1. I love that I’ve only been in Denver a little over 5 months and I can walk down the street and run into multiple people I know. And not only that, but I can randomly hear my friend’s band in the middle of the afternoon even though I’ve been so out of the loop I didn’t even know they were playing. Serendipity or just small town city life?

2. I was at this record store and I had a Ghost World flashback, remember that scene where they go into the porn store and Thora Birch’s character yells, “look at all the creeps!” that’s exactly what I was thinking while all these doodes fingered records. The ritual of looking for music is just as important as the music itself–which is the same for people who rent/buy pornographic films, yeah you can download all the porn or music that you want, but it’s not the same as finding a rare gem amongst the coals.

3. While being a creep at the record store I bought one of Peaches albums and was super excited to open it and discover that the record was PINK instead of the usual black. Also, I’m considering having a Peaches & Cream theme party where we only play Peaches and Cream. And only drink peach flavored beverages and eat creamy foods (that are vegan of course–yes, that exists fools). And people can only wear those two colors–or at least close shades.

4. Speaking of Peaches would it be bad for me to admit that “fuck the pain away” has, at some point in the last few months, been a theme song of mine? That’s why I’m going for a Man-less May. As close to celibacy as I can get. Can’t give up the Tango. Can give up “Man-Eater” as my other theme song though.

5. I made a facebook comment about how I am starting to have a problem with strippers. The problem is with their attitude; they’re rude, they’re often high, and with that high they’re usually stupid. A combination that creates major disturbances in my line of work. Particularly when they come in to the store and feel the need to try everything on–every pair of shoes, every wig, every outfit and then leave it all thrown about the place like it’s their bedroom and their mommy’s going to come clean up after them. Perhaps because they work in an industry where they’re both idealized and objectified they feel they are entitled to do whatever they want because they’re told their gorgeous and amazing so often that they believe it. And with the belief they feel they can get away with anything. They think it’s okay to act that way because they’re “spending money.” But just like with their line of work I am sure they have boundaries in which money can only get someone so far. Since I’m not really getting much of the money that they’re dropping I’d actually prefer it if they’d stop acting like brats and start respecting other people in the service industry.

In regards to their chosen profession—I know this draws a line of contention between feminists–but until the entire system changes, I understand why they do it. I understand it. Though I’d personally not choose it myself and I believe there are many MANY problems with it–which perhaps I’ll get into on another day when they piss me off again.

I’m sure it will be soon.