Nothing. New. Here.

22 02 2012

I haven’t been busy per say, but I have been distracted. Birthday distractions + dating distractions.

I think I have a date lined up for almost every night this week. I at least have something planned for every day this week, which is pretty intense.

Last week was amazing, with the goth party and my birthday and The Haircut/Cougarpants rocking out at Unit E/getting a huge bruise on my ankle while moshing, etc.

This week though, I think all the drinking has caught up with me, plus the poor eating–too much junk food sitting around; I have to admit I’m slightly depressed. I don’t really feel like writing at all and am only doing it because if I don’t I’ll feel even more depressed for not being productive.


Who wants to give me one?

I’ll work as hard as you do.

Whatever that means.


I hate money.

And I hate how we all have to get it by doing things we don’t really care about.

Not a new argument. I know.

You know what, we should just dance around in our socks.

I think I can find a way to make money doing that. If I try really hard I can come up with something… just you wait and see!

Here are some videos you probably missed because you’re not subscribed to my channel.

I got a package.

And I already have 1 dislike. I know how to do it. What what.